Doggie Daycare is a place for dogs of all sizes and ages to socialize with each other. For working pet parents daycare provides an alternative to leaving your pet home alone all day. Pups can enjoy a day of play with furry friends then go home to enjoy the love and attention from their owners. Doggie daycare offers social, physical, and mental stimulation in a fun and safe environment.

Dogs enjoy being with each other and playing outdoors. All Day play allows dogs to interact in groups based on size, energy, and temperament. Groups are together in a secure play yard to enjoy activities such as climbing, agility, puzzles, and splash time (weather permitting). Your dog’s health is our first priority so they are carefully monitored during group. Groups are given breaks between play to rest and refuel. Water is always provided and your pup will always have access to air conditioning or heating depending on weather.

Special care and 1 on 1 play will be offered so elderly pups and pups that need a little work with socialization can get out and enjoy the fresh air and play time.

  • Elderly pups will be given breaks as needed so that they can receive adequate rest.
  • Unsocialized pups will get 1 on 1 attention with trained staff. We will work with those that need help with socialization and work towards having them part of group play.
  • Dogs with disabilities will also receive special care and placed with gentle fur friends when in group play.
  • Those who we are not able to work with will receive just as much human attention and play as all of the other pups!

For the protection of your pet and others in group play your pet must have the following:

  • Be current on all vaccinations: Rabies, distemper/parvo, bordetella (kennel cough)
  • Current fecal examination (test for intestinal parasites
  • Females over 7 months of age should be spayed
  • Males over 7 months old should be neutered but are accepted on a case by case basis
  • Must be 16weeks or older

Canine (fees per day)
1 day……………….. $12.00
3 days………………. $36.00
5 days………………. $50.00
1 month……………… $185.00

Canine (Special Care/ 1 on 1 play)
1 day……………….. $14.00
3 days………………. $42.00
5 days………………. $60.00
1 month……………… $200.00

Check in: 7am-9am
Check out: No later than 6:00pm Mon-Fri
*If you are unable to pick up by 6:00pm an additional charge will be added to your invoice.


We are proud to provide Rincon, Georgia, and the surrounding communities with boarding services. We practice the highest standards of care and cleanliness for patients staying with us. We know that it takes a great deal of trust to leave your pet with someone else, so we want to assure you that we are professional, highly trained, and most of all, we love pets.

Please contact us today to learn more about our boarding facilities. We would love to speak with you about our boarding policies. We also invite you to visit our hospital and view our boarding area for yourself! Just give us a call and we’ll set up a time for you to take a tour.

If there are any special requirements for your pet, please let us know so we can accommodate them. Our patients are always fed according to owner instructions and clean, fresh water is always available.

It is our goal to provide your pet with the best quality of care while they are with us. We promise to look after each and every pet as if they were our own, and treat them with the respect and loving care they deserve.

For more information about Doggie Daycare & Boarding,
please email