dog06We know that your pet is unique and so is its breed- a Golden Retriever is not a Yorkshire terrier and a Siamese cat is not a Maine Coon cat. At Webb Animal Clinic, our breed specific health care program customizes care based on your pet’s breed, age, lifestyle and other risk factors, thus creating a healthcare plan specifically for your furry family member.

We treat a vast variety of conditions that are often times genetically linked to certain breeds. Particular breeds of both dogs and cats are at higher risk for medical issues such as hip dysplasia, heart conditions and even cancer. At Webb Animal Clinic our breed specific health care program is designed to screen our patients with better sensitivity for prone conditions. For example, we closely monitor Boxers for heart problems, Cocker Spaniels and basset hounds for glaucoma, and Bengal cats for gastrointestinal disorders. Our goal is to detect these conditions early and be proactive in the treatment process.

Our veterinary and technical staff will also manage any Breed Specific Behavior problems throughout your pet’s life. We encourage pet owners to discuss any and all behavior issues as soon as they appear. Our staff will first rule out any health conditions that may cause the behavior then set a treatment plan to improve your pet’s quality of life as well as yours, the pet owner. We will work together to give your furry family member the longest, healthiest, and happiest life possible.